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Community Events

See what we've been up to and find out what's coming up next!

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Coffee Chats With Zhanna

Stop by and say hello!

I’ll be available every Friday at 11 am

starting 10/14 until 11/4 on zoom.


Pleasant Hill Community Service Day

Launched in 2005 by Mayor Michael Harris and coordinated by the Civic Action Commission, CSD is a day where members of the community of all ages come together to volunteer their time for a variety of worthy causes and projects.

My family and I joined a team of volunteers at Sequoia Elementary School for a campus clean up!


Tinkers and Thinkers

We had so much fun at Tinkers and Thinkers this weekend! This is one event that our family looks forward to every year. So glad to be in person with the community celebrating creativity and innovation. 


 At the Farmer's Market

Come look for me at the farmer's Market in Downtown Walut Creek where I have a table set up with Laura Patch, Walnut Creek City Council candidate!


Kaiser Walnut Creek
Kaiser Don't Deny
Picket Line

The people who work day in and day out to provide mental health care to our communities are asking for our support. Join me on the picket line at Kaiser Walnut creek to show our support for the clinicians and therapists asking Kaiser to no longer deny patients access to timely mental health care. 

For more information on the Kaiser Don't Deny campaign, please visit

I am thankful for these mental health heroes who are on the picket line advocating for their patients! Mental Health matters. Timely access to services is critical. Patient Health is our priority. Vanessa and Misha thank you for letting me join your team today! 

If you would like to learn more about the strike please visit or follow @kaosfund on Instagram. 



League of Women's Voters Round Table

Thank you to the League of Women's Voters for hosting all us candidates in their round table forum. It was a great opportunity to speak on some of the issues we face in Pleasant Hill. Check out the video by clicking the YouTube link.


Pleasant Hill
Chamber of Commerce
Round Table Forum

Thank you to the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce for hosting the forum. And thank you to the community members for all your insightful questions. I enjoyed this opportunity to share my thoughts on our great city and to hopefully earn your vote and support on November 8th.Check out the video by clicking the YouTube link.

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