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My Vision

I will increase accessibility to key locations, such as the library, for all residents by adding pedestrian and bike paths that are safe for use and improving the current transportation system.

I plan to focus on Climate change and make Pleasant Hill an active partner with our neighboring communities. I would support the creation of an environmental task force and a sustainability committee. This would be in addition to the established program Green Pleasant Hill.

My goals boil down to accessibility and equity for all residents of Pleasant Hill, support for and development of BIPOC and women owned small business, accessible mental health programs, and support for public safety through citizen review boards and community advisory boards.

I will uphold the goals of Pleasant Hill to grow a city that is safe, financially sound, well planned, maintains and improves the quality of life for its residents, and provides efficient and effective public service.

I am the fresh perspective needed on the City Council and I represent the families living in Pleasant Hill.

Construction Site Managers

Infrastructure that supports growth

Pleasant Hill continues to welcome new families, and our city will continue to grow with additional housing. California is requiring cities to add on and expand to accommodate the influx of people and increase the inventory of homes. Addressing infrastructure through smart growth development will create additional space for families to comfortably live and not just exist. I would like to see more parks and recreation areas with updated play structures. We can Improve bike lanes and pedestrian access to remove congestion and better connect the city. We can find solutions for the public transit system to improve access to the library, parks, and downtown Pleasant Hill businesses. Let’s ensure we make our city more accessible, better connected, and keep it well maintained.

Encourage, support, and develop new and existing small business

Small business is at the heart of every great community. Not only does it nurture creativity, culture, and community, but small business provides local jobs and stimulates local economies. I will provide equitable opportunities for small business to grow and thrive. This can be done through workshops, small business mentoring programs, support groups, and open forums. Once up and running we can continue ongoing support through partnerships and incentives for longevity. 

Small Business Owner
Green Energy Turbines

Climate change and green infrastructure initiatives

Currently, Pleasant Hill ranks 18th out of the 19 Contra Costa cities according to the Climate Leader's Report Card. Building green infrastructure is an important step in combatting climate change. I support the creation of an environmental task force and a sustainability committee within Pleasant Hill. Doing so gives us the opportunity to partner with local climate organizations as well as our neighboring communities to achieve a higher standard for a green community.

A focus on pedestrian safety

Many streets around schools and through neighborhoods experience heavy traffic and speeding cars. Many parts of Pleasant Hill remain underserved when it comes to speed bumps in highly traveled neighborhoods and crossing guards at busy street corners around schools. I want to bolster the city crossing guard program and reassess the need for speed bumps in an effort to keep pedestrians safe.

Road Construction

Support for public safety

The City of Pleasant Hill maintains a duty to provide properly staffed, funded, and well maintained fire protection and police services to it’s community. I will continue to ensure that the systems set in place to protect our families during the worst moments in our lives have the resources available to them to respond appropriately in any emergency.

Accessible mental health services

Accessible mental health services are very difficult to come by. We have a responsibility to ensure access to care for those in our community. With growth comes the need to provide resources for families living in Pleasant Hill as well as for the unhoused. Mental health should be cultivated at a young age, providing workshops for children, families, and individuals. It is important to break the stigma of asking for help and is a big step toward building a stronger community.

Support Group Meeting
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