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Making a Difference

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"Your honest and practical approach sets you apart from the other candidates. You have shown great concern for the residents of the community and it is apparent that you can contend with the challenges of today's society."

-Iron Workers Local 378-



Putting My Experience
to Work

As Regional Director of Quality Assurance in Mental Health, my job provides me the opportunity to work collaboratively with many different people and ideas. I approach each challenge by exploring multiple perspectives and ensuring that the procedure is followed, is clear, and advocates for the individual. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and hold a Masters in education.  


If elected to City Council, I plan to expand on the goals outlined for Pleasant Hill and focus on quality of life initiatives. We are growing rapidly with an influx of young families. I want to ensure our growth accounts for more than just adding beds to sleep in. I want more parks for our children and pets, and safe clean trails. I want to be your voice as our city adds additional family units. I plan to dedicate my time and energy in service to this wonderful community.

I will uphold the goals of Pleasant Hill to grow a city that is safe, financially sound, well planned, maintains and improves the quality of life for its residents, and provides efficient and effective public service.


My family lives in Pleasant Hill and my oldest is in kindergarten at Sequoia Elementary. My youngest is in preschool and will be following in her footsteps. My husband is a firefighter with the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District. 


This is our home, a place where we raise our families and live the best years of our lives. 


Together we will flourish. 



NOVEMBER 8, 2022

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